Physiotherapist, Developer of the Ophir Cushion

Dear Friends,IMG_8868-e1359287421581

My name is Maayan Izinger and I am a physiotherapist with expertise in seating, geriatrics and orthopedics.

I am honored to present the Ophir Cushion to prevent sliding and pressure ulcers in wheelchairs.

The cushion was developed to provide a quality, reliable and affordable seating solution to wheelchair users.

I developed the cushion as result of my dilemma as a physical therapist in a nursing facility when faced with the choice between buying a few expensive cushions to prevent pressure ulcers for a limited number of patients versus buying cheap and simple cushions for everyone.

I wanted the best for my patients and I decided to develop a cushion for them which would both prevent pressure ulcers and sliding, which is a major cause of pressure ulcers itself.

In consultation with professionals and after many iterations, I succeeded in achieving the perfect cushion, in terms of pressure ulcer prevention, sliding prevention and overall comfort.

My goal was to offer wheelchair users a cushion whose quality exceeds that of extremely high-priced cushions but with an affordable price tag.

The Ophir Cushion represents a breakthrough in the industry and a standard of quality for wheelchair users at a realistic price, ideal for those who struggle to maintain and improve their posture which seated.

Wishing you health and comfort,

Maayan Izinger, Physiotherapist

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