What is a pressure ulcer? What is the solution?

What is a pressure ulcer? How is a pressure ulcer caused?

A pressure ulcer is one of the most significant problems that wheelchairs users face. A pressure ulcer is a necrotic ulcer (death of tissue cells) caused by prolonged pressure of hard tissue upon soft tissue.

Development of pressure ulcers can interfere with functional rehabilitation and is accompanied by pain, risk of infection, prolonged hospital stays, and it is the number three cause of death for this population.

Once a pressure ulcer is created, treatment may be long and complex and the financial cost extremely high.

What's the solution?

One of the most accepted and effective cushions for reducing stress today are cushions made from viscoelastic memory foam.

Viscoelastic foam is an elastic, spongy material that allows air to penetrate (ventilation of the buttocks), softens at body temperature (temperature-sensitive) and improves pressure distribution using an upper player adjacent to the body, as continued residence longer.

In addition, the foam is shaped by the body since its elasticity decreases after the sponge is compressed.

  • The Ophir Cushion provides wheelchair users the perfect, high-quality, professional solution for preventing pressure ulcers and sliding.
  • The Ophir Cushion is built from the highest quality materials.
  • The cushion’s exterior fabric is made of top-quality, antibacterial, water-repellent, breathable, textured polyurethane that is easy to clean.
  • In addition, the Ophir Cushion comes with straps that easily and safely secure it to a wheelchair.

For comfort and peace of mind… The Ophir Cushion.

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